Adielsson Motorsport in Rally Sweden


In February of this year Adielsson Motorsport participated in Rally Sweden. This race is part of the World Rally Championship and the most important Rally in Sweden. Temperatures can drop below –25ºC. The additional challenge of frozen roads makes it one of the most popular races among the drivers.

Mattias Adielsson and Marcus Sundh participated and did well. Unfortunately they lost a lot of time on day 2, because they were forced to stop and wait when a car blocked the road for several minutes. When this situation cleared they were finally able to drive their own race, setting top 5 stage times for the rest of the rally. Their best time was set on the longest stage of the rally, “Vargåsen”, where they clocked the second fastest time in their class. Overall they finished 11th in their class.

The team was very pleased with the results and positive for new challenges!

“What can I say? It has been a fantastic experience to participate in Rally Sweden. It has always been a dream to drive at this level. The race was long and we learned a lot. Now we look forward and hope for good results in the next rally.”


“It felt very good and we found a great rhythm in the car. We have shown that despite the time loss we are able to race on a high level.”


Mattias and Marcus are driving the Topdriver series in Sweden. They are now in 9th position. Topdriver is a rally cup that focuses on bringing forward new young rallystars. If the crew wins Topdriver, they will have the opportunity to work with Ford M-Sport as test drivers.