The necessity of a refill litre


Checking all the fluids in your car on a regular basis and a timely refill is best for the preservation of the vehicle.

Prevent engine damage

However, experience has shown that few people carry out regular checks. And if the oil level control light starts to illuminate while you’re on the road it’s actually too late. Proceeding your journey without the risk of engine damage is no longer sensible. An important question at this point: are you immediately able to solve the problem? Do you have the right refill litre?
Odds are, that the answer is no, with all the consequences that entail. Because in nine out of ten situations, there is no car parts store or service station nearby. Driving around town with a burning service light is not a clever thing to do. Therefore, always make sure that you have a litre of motor oil in your trunk. The right product can be found easily through Enter the car model plus the year of manufacture; select the right vehicle and you’ll get an instant result.

Functions of motor oil   

Motor oil is an essential component for the car. It lubricates, cools, cleans, seals, dampens noise, protects against corrosion, saves fuel and steers various components. Modern cars are very advanced and every make and model requires it’s own product that optimally fulfils all of the above tasks. Using the wrong product or driving around with a low oil level is damaging for the engine. So don’t let it come to that!