4 x 5 L can 32473

Coolant Non-Toxic -45 Burst – instructions for use:

  • Open all hot and cold taps and drainage outlets
  • Fully drain the drinking water system (evacuate it using compressed air if needed)
  • Completely drain hot water tank
  • Connect hot water tank inlet pipe and outlet pipe together
  • Add Coolant Non-Toxic -45 Burst to system, undiluted
  • Apply pressure to system by switching on water pump
  • Open each tap one by one until coolant comes out and then close it
  • Completely drain toilet and cistern and then fill with coolant
  • Activate pump handle several times until coolant is visible
Please note! When returning the drinking water system to normal use, flush through completely for at least half an hour until no coloured liquid is left in the system.


Coolant Non-Toxic -45 Burst is a special, ready-to-use liquid coolant that contains mono-propylene glycol. This non-toxic product is safe to use for the winter protection of drinking water and heating systems, including those in pleasure boats and holiday apartments. It can also be used to provide environmentally-friendly frost protection for water-cooled cooling systems in ships' engines. Provides burst protection down to -45°C.