30 kg canister Kroon-Oil Universal Cleaner A

Available packagings

1 x 30 L can

Part.nr.: 17001

Universal Cleaner A is a phosphate-free cleaning concentrate. The product is water-thinnable and biodegradable. It is a multipurpose product that cleans efficiently, quickly and intensively. Specially selected additives provide Universal Cleaner A with the following properties:

  • Neutral odour
  • Safe to use on tiles, floors, plastics and all metals
  • Incombustible
  • Economic in use

  • Instructions for use:
  • Mix using the recommended ratio
  • Apply to the surface
  • Depending on the amount of dirt present, allow the product to act on the surface for 30 seconds to 2 minutes (use brushes/scourers if very soiled)
  • Rinse and/or spray off well with a high-pressure washer
PLEASE NOTE! If the cleaner has already dried, reapply and follow the step-by-step instructions once more.


Universal Cleaner A can be used in the correct mixing ratio as follows:
1:5 Heavily stained wall tiles, engines, soot deposits; removing wet paint from washable surfaces
1:8 Ceilings, nicotine stains
1:20 Industrial floors stained by oil, cleaning facades with a steamer, cleaning carpets using a brushless carpet cleaner
1:30 Normally stained wall tiles, plastics, industrial floors; use in steamers
1:40 Carpet cleaner with brush
1:50 Tile floors, industrial floors, machine-based cleaning