1 x 50 kg drum 31293

Copper + Plus is an unleaded anti-corrosion paste. The product consists of finely dispersed copper particles in a non-melting bentonite basis, supplemented with highly effective oxidation and corrosion inhibitors.

Copper + Plus forms a film between the metal parts that is able to withstand very high temperatures (up to 1100 °C)
In addition to these properties, Copper + Plus provides effective protection against corrosion, moisture and vibrations. The product is resistant to acids, water, salt and lye.


Copper + Plus is a heat-resistant, unleaded assembly paste. It protects metal compounds exposed to high temperatures, water or chemicals against rust and wear. By using Copper + Plus while assembling metal components, the components will be easy to disassemble again, even after several years have elapsed. Copper + Plus applied between brake piston and brake pad guide plate prevents disturbing noise. PLEASE NOTE! Do not apply to brake discs!

Typical standard analyses

Density at 15 °C, kg/l 0,900
Penetration (worked), 0,1 mm 265-295
Dropping Point, °C >300
Temperature Limits, °C -40/+1100