3 x 5 L can

Part.nr.: 62289

Fuel Optimix 2T is a ready-to-use fuel-oil mix for 2-stroke petrol engines (mixing ratio 1:50). As a product, its basic components are alkylate petrol and a high-quality, fully synthetic 2-stroke motor oil. What is more, it is almost completely free of harmful substances such as benzene. The most important properties of Fuel Optimix 2T:

• Reduces maintenance and extends the service-life of your machine
• Kinder to the environment
• Better for your health, thanks to fewer emissions
• No soot or smoke is produced on combustion
• Prevents deposits forming inside the machine
• Chemically stable and therefore able to be kept for longer than conventional petrol
• A less powerful smell than ordinary petrol
• Almost completely free of benzene and other harmful substances


Fuel Optimix 2T is suitable for 2-stroke petrol engines (mixing ratio 1:50) in garden and park maintenance machinery. It offers optimum performance in machinery such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers, plate compactors, lawnmowers, leaf blowers and trimmers. You can also use Fuel Optimix 2T in other types of 2-stroke engine.