12 x 400 ml aerosol

Part.nr.: 39009

Quick Start is there to help when both petrol and diesel engines will not start in the usual way. When used, the product forms a combustible, homogenous air/fuel mixture that enables it to ignite easily. The combustion engine then continues to run under its own power. The product is based on a highly volatile and easily ignited raw material and it also contains a number of sophisticated lubricating agents. This formulation provides Quick Start with the following properties:

  • Excellent evaporation, even at extremely low, winter temperatures
  • Excellent ignition properties of the combustible mixture
  • Only a low amount of spark energy is required to ignite the mixture
  • Ensures that waste residues from lubricating components from used fuel are captured


Quick Start application. Petrol engines:

  • Do not use the choke or allow petrol to enter the carburettor / air filter
  • Spray Quick Start into the air-inlet for 2 to 4 seconds: the vehicle’s ignition must not be switched on and the engine must not be running

  • Diesel or petrol engines:

  • Do not use glow plugs
  • Spray Quick Start into the air-inlet for 3 to 4 seconds:
  • Then start the engine as normal without pre-heating