Kroon-Oil Powerflush TPE

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1 x piece

Part.nr.: 32484

PowerFlush速 TPE makes it easy to flush and clean the automatic transmission and to replace the ATF. The device is connected to the oil circuit via the return pipe, which enables the ATF to circulate through the transmission and the flushing device. The old fluid is pumped through the entire system, including the torque converter, in combination with a powerful cleaner while the engine is running. After flushing, the oil circuit of the transmission is pumped completely empty. The exact quantity of fresh ATF is then pumped back into the system via the fresh oil reservoir. Benefits:

Effective cleaning of the entire oil circuit
Better lubrication and less wear thanks to the new ATF
Smoother gear-change and lower fuel consumption, as excessive slipping is eliminated


PowerFlush速 TPE is suitable for all automatic boxes, including for CVT and DCT. Thanks to the special adapter, the device is also suitable for the power steering system. Clutch problems that are caused by dirt can be easily resolved. Even if no problems have occurred yet, it is sensible to carry out a power flush of the automatic transmission as a preventative measure. After treatment, the automatic transmission will function and change gear as good as a new one in most cases.