Kroon-Oil sponsors Sweden's youngest rallyteam


We are proud to inform you that our Kroon-Oil dealer in Sweden, Torslanda Fordonskyla & Service AB ( sponsors Sweden’s youngest rally team, Adielsson Motorsport.

Adielsson Motorsport
This Swedish rally team is competing at a high level in the Swedish Rally Championship in an eco-friendly car. Thanks to their cooperation with Nordenberg Rally School Gymnasium, they can profit from mechanics that are working with the team for educational purposes. So not only the drivers, but also the mechanics are young, enthusiastic men. This way they can claim the title of being Sweden’s youngest rally team.

The drivers
Mattias Adielsson, 18 years old is already an experienced and successful driver. He is a guy with passion for almost all motor sports. For 6 years he practised Go-Karting with great success. However, participating in Rally sports has always been his desire. In 2008 Mattias started driving rally in a VW Polo. He did very well: he finished 26 of the 27 races and managed to win 15! In 2009 he achieved some very impressive results together with co-driver Marcus Sundh. For example they won the race “Kolsvarundan”, with a margin of approx. 43 seconds. Later in 2009 they became B-drivers.

Marcus Sundh, 17 years old is the co-driver of the team. He also has a great passion for all kinds of motor sports. However, his interest was mainly focused on rally driving and he has always dreamed of competing at a high level in this sport. Marcus is a person who is always committed to achieve the best results by guiding Mattias and reading the pace notes perfectly

Their goal: “We want to represent the younger generation of motor sport in Sweden and to show that we can succeed in an eco-friendly performance car!"