New product: Kroon-Oil Enersynth FE 0W-20


Driving economically and cleanly is becoming more and more important, both for the environment and financially. Everything possible is being done to reduce fuel consumption. This is based on new engine technologies, the use of advanced hybrid systems (such as the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic Hybrid) and even the alteration of a car’s shape, which includes designing smoothly streamlined bodywork to reduce air resistance and the fitting of narrower tyres to reduce friction. But an engine oil makes a vital contribution too. A thin oil is pumped around easily, causes less friction and therefore saves fuel.

To satisfy this need we developed a new motor oil:

Kroon-Oil Enersynth FE 0W-20

Enersynth FE 0W20 is an extremely low viscous fuel-saving engine oil, developed according to the latest technologies. The low viscosity this motor oil guarantees excellent lubrication right after cold start. Due to its high quality Enersynth FE also offers a safe lubrication film at operating temperatures. This motor oil is suitable for petrol and diesel engines, both with and without turbo chargers, in cars and vans. The special composition makes it also ideal for the new generation of cars and vans for which the car manufacturer has done everything possible to reduce fuel consumption, such as hybrid vehicles, in order to further optimize the fuel economy.
Specifications: ACEA A3/B3/B4, API SM/CF


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