New product in the Coolant Range: Coolant SP13


Modern cooling systems are setting increasingly high standards for coolants. Vulnerable and expensive parts such as the radiator, water pump and seals need to last for longer and longer. The life cycle of the coolant itself is becoming longer, too: these days, coolants that last for as long as the engine are more the rule than the exception.

Coolant SP13 is a high quality and ready-for-use Long Life coolant, tailored specifically for use in engines/radiators made of light metals such as aluminium, magnesium or their alloys. Coolant SP13 complies with the VW specification TL VW 774J (G13). The lilac coloured product features a patented LOBRID additive technology, based on Organic Acid Technology additives, supplemented with a small percentage of silicate. Coolant SP13 ensures optimal coolang, also in the long term.

  • 1 lt bottle   34685
  • 5 lt can      34686
  • 20 lt can    34687
  • 60 lt drum  34688
  • 208 lt drum34689

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