Kroon-Oil introduces Duranza ECO 5W-20 for Ford EcoBoost petrol engines

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The latest generation Ford EcoBoost petrol engines require the latest generation lubricants. Kroon-Oil is therefore introducing Duranza ECO 5W-20, an advanced, high-quality product that meets the Ford WSS948-B specification.

Duranza ECO 5W-20 has been developed using the latest techniques and is made from high quality base oils and advanced additives. This results in a synthetic, fuel saving motor oil, suitable for the latest generation Ford EcoBoost petrol engines and is, among others, in accordance with the fuel economy principle that Ford has in mind with the EcoBoost technology.

By using high performance synthetic base oils, the product has a natural high viscosity index and excellent performance at all temperatures. Both a quick cold start at low temperatures as a safe lubrication at high operating temperatures are of no difficulty. In addition, ECO Duranza 5W-20 has a high resistance to shearing, a very good detergency and dispersing effect and it reduces the formation of combustion residues.

Besides application in the new Ford EcoBoost engines Duranza ECO 5W-20 can also be used where an ACEA A1/B1 or API SN grade engine oil is prescribed. Duranza ECO 5W-20 is available in 1, 5, 20, 60 and 208 litres.

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