Product Update: Drauliquid Super-S DOT 4 LV


Drauliquid Super-S DOT 4 LV

Improved versions of the well-known DOT 4 brake fluid have been marketed for quite some time, including our own Drauliquid-S DOT 4. The special properties of these improved products are the enhanced dry and wet boiling point in comparison with the standard DOT 4 brake fluid. However, for the latest generation of cars with advanced disk brake system and electronic safety systems such as ABS, ASR, ESP EBD, BAD, a brake fluid with a high boiling point is no longer sufficient. For excellent and reliable functioning of such systems, an extremely rapid response time is essential.


Therefore we have introduced, next to our Drauliquid-S DOT 4, a new brake fluid: Drauliquid    Super-S DOT 4 LV, a special premium brake fluid with a high dry and wet boiling point and in addition a low viscosity to ensure rapid response properties. This product has been specially developed for electronic safety systems and is miscible with other DOT 4 brake fluids.



This product is available in:
12 x 1 ltr bottle – 33820
20 ltr pail – 33868
60 ltr drum – 33869
208 ltr drum – 33552