Product update: ACEA 2008


Two new products: Meganza LSP 5W30 and Dieselfleet LSP 15W40


December 2008 ACEA released the latest version of the European Oil Sequences. Most of the existing specifications have been revised and two new specifications have been added.


1.   ACEA C4 is a new low SAPS specification for passenger cars and vans. Renault urged this new standard for their newest models with particulate filter. Our new product MEGANZA LSP 5W30 complies with and exceeds this requirement as well as the Renault specification RN0720. This product can be applied in the latest Renault models with particulate filters or all other car makes asking an ACEA C4 motor oil.


2.   ACEA E9 is the new low SAPS specification for trucks. Our product DIESELFLEET LSP 15W-40 has been recently upgraded with this new specification. By meeting the requirements of OEM's in Europe and North America this low SAPS motor oil has a wide choice of application possibilities.


More information about these two products can be found in the product catalogue on this website.