*BREAKING* Changing our drum but not our tune. Proudly presenting our new drums.



Changing our drum but not our tune. Proudly presenting our new drums.

In 2006, we introduced a unique full-colour drum to mark our 100th anniversary. Now, over 10 years later, it is time to change the drum, but not our tune!

The essence remains

We are a decade down the line, but the core elements of the original drum still applied during the design process. In late 2016, we sent three artists to the drawing board with the following design criteria:

*    Art/artwork in the workshop
*    Dynamic
*    Stylish
*    Power/speed
*    Modern
*    Association with technology and our products

After several months of brainstorming, designing, rejecting and starting all over again, we are now proud to present the final result.

Kroon-Oil and ‘Kinetic Art’ with a capital K

Gears, camshafts and the turbocharger are among the elements that are featured in the design. One person might see a mysterious forest, while another might see a visual interplay of light and lines, and someone else might recognise the technical elements in particular. That is what is characteristic of a true piece of art, making your own interpretation of what you see. The new full-colour drum is also instantly recognisable as ‘Kroon-Oil’, and it fits in seamlessly with the existing packaging line.

New look, same quality

Our products may have different packaging, but the essence remains the same: the provision of high-quality products, but in a stylish new drum.

The new full-colour drum will be delivered from week ...; the basic drum remains unchanged.

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