Want a Kroon-Oil product recommendation banner on your website?


Well, now it could not be easier! Our special banner generator enables you to integrate the Kroon-Oil product recommendation banner quickly and easily into your own website or one of your clients’ websites. We are able to provide this unique and functional service to you free of charge!

Once it is integrated into a website, users can enter a search term directly into the banner*, after which the Kroon-Oil product recommendation is displayed in a new window.

You have several options available for assembling the banner. For example, you can choose whether to use a banner that allows users to enter the vehicle registration number (available in the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway) or a product recommendation button. Both options are possible, of course. Depending on the colour scheme of your website, you can choose a dark theme (for dark backgrounds) or a light theme (for light backgrounds). The banner can be scaled up or down, so there is always a suitable place for it on your website.

Order button

For websites with a webshop, the banner can include an additional ordering option. If you use this option, an order button will appear next to the product recommendation. If the visitor then clicks on the ‘Buy this product’ button, he/she is taken directly to the correct product in your webshop.

The following link will take you to the intuitive banner tool.You can get started straight away, or watch the step-by-step video first.

For further information, contact our sales department.

*The registration number banner allows users to type within the banner. Users click on the product recommendation button and the Kroon-Oil website then opens in a new window.