New ‘Ultra’ generation Agricultural and earthmoving lubricants


Kroon-Oil launches a new generation of Agriculturaland earthmoving lubricants for the latest transmissions, rear axles and hydraulic systems. The use of this new generation 'Ultra' synthetic lubricants ensures fuel and cost savings.

Costly and advanced agricultural and earthmoving machinery must continue to operate correctly. Preferably with as little maintenance and expenses as possible. In order to achieve this, high-grade lubricants are essential. Kroon-Oil Ultra motor oils are developed using the most modern Low-SAPS techniques. Their low sulphated ash content makes these Ultra oils extremely suited for long-term use in engines fitted with particulate filters and/or catalytic converters. This extends the service life and reliability of engines and exhaust after treatment systems considerably. In this way a sustainable and cost-saving development for a company can be realized.

Technological developments andenvironmental requirements

The current generation agricultural machinery and agricultural contractors find themself having to cope with considerable technological developments and innovations. State-of-the-art machinery is becoming increasingly advanced, due to the use Tractor Management Systems and a new generation of hi-tech transmissions systems, automatic and electronically governed. In order to enhance the performance of the vehicle even further and to optimize the user experience for the contractor, engines are becoming increasingly high-powered. Since the Stage IV environmental requirements became applicable, we have noticed that tractor manufacturers have no alternative but to use the latest engine technologies, such as fully-electronically controlled common rail systems. Whether or not this includes an EGR or a type of exhaust gas after-treatment such as a particulate filter and/or SCR systems that make use of AdBlue. 


Kroon-Oil advises the agricultural and earthmoving machinery sectors in the use of the right lubricants for maximum performance, optimal lubrication and minimal fuel consumption. At Kroon-Oil the professional can choose from the very best lubricants and greases for agricultural machines. Kroon-Oil invests in the development of special products for agricultural machines by carrying out laboratory and practical tests in several countries in collaboration with renowned machinery manufacturers.

The ‘Ultra’ product line  

Agrisynth LSP Ultra FE 5W-30
Agrisynth LSP Ultra 10W-40
SP Gear LS 1015
Agrifluid Synth XHP Ultra
Agrifluid Synth WB