Upgrade recommendation tool with pumps, compressors, and aggregators.


Kroon-Oil recently upgraded its online services The effective online recommendation tool, which annually helps millions of professionals to find the right lubricant for their application, now contains even more data thanks to the addition of information for compressors, aggregators and pumps. Because there are many questions about the right types of lubricants for this group, Kroon-Oil decided to expand the online recommendation tool. Practically all types of compressors, aggregators and pumps can now be found in the revised web tool of the lubricant manufacturer from Almelo.

Consequently, the tool has become even more widely applicable. In addition to all types of vehicles, you will also find agricultural, earthmoving, shipping, recreational watercraft, twowheelers and other industrial machines in the Kroon-Oil database.

The unique 'smart search' functionality allows you to quickly and effortlessly find a specific device or machine with the shortest possible search. We then provide an extensive lubricant recommendation that you can also download as a PDF document.

The web recommendation tool is available to you free of charge and can easily be found on our homepage

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