Pal Anders Ullevalseter competed in the FIM Ride Green Eco Enduro 2009.


Together with 40 others world elite enduro and rally riders, Pal Anders Ullevalseter (Norwegian motorcycle rider, as from this year sponsored by Kroon-Oil) competed in the FIM Ride Green Eco Enduro 2009 (11 – 13 December).

This race is run during the COP15 – the UN Climate Change Conference. The world;s best motorcycle race riders all drove electric motorcycles. The purpose and the idea of the race is to show the world that mechanical sports can be environmentally responsible and is prepared to seek new ways and innovative solutions to reduce the sports negative impact on the world’s climate.

Pal Anders Ullevalseter finished 5th and was very happy with the result as well is with the type of race. “It was great to race with so many of the world’s best rally riders in a race that is quite different from other races. It is a very positive development that our branch of sports is looking ahead and finding out ways to make racing more environmentally friendly.”