Kroon-Oil exclusive lubricant partner of MP Motorsport in 2020!


MP Motorsport is Holland’s Formula 2 team and of the biggest racing teams in Europe. They are competing in Formula 4, Formula Renault, Formula 3 and Formula 2. MP Motorsport is helping young drivers on their road to F1 or any other professional racing career. Their mission is to allow young racing drivers to grab this opportunity. They believe that with true passion and dedication you can achieve anything. Kroon-Oil is proud to announce their partnership with MP Motorsport for the exclusive supply of lubricants in 2020!

Leon ten Hove, marketing manager Kroon-Oil: 

We will continue to grow with MP Motorsport in 2020 as this collaboration is of great value to us. As an international player in the global market, we are always looking for collaborations that support our international growth. This team has gained our respect because it makes every effort to guide young talent as well as affording them the opportunity to reach the top position in the sport. It is fascinating and wonderful to watch all the resources and teamwork coming together to develop the new talent and also the sport itself. We are proud to be the technical partner of MP Motorsport in all racing classes on the road to Formula 1 in 2020 as well.

Technical support at the highest level of motorsport

Being active at the highest level of motorsport requires the utmost in technique and lubrication. Kroon-Oil employs its years of experience to assist the team in the field of lubricants and maintenance products.

For more than 100 years we have focused exclusively on developing and producing high-quality lubricants for road traffic, agriculture, industry, two-wheelers and shipping. At Kroon-Oil, an extensive, up-to-date and high-quality product range is of paramount importance. In our dynamic industry, continuous technological developments demand adaptability in the field of lubricants. In this industry, the critical keywords are - Improvement, Progress and Technical Knowledge.

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