Kroon-Oil and Van Loon Racing prolong their partnership for 2021!


Kroon-Oil will prolong its partnership with Van Loon Racing for 2021. Kroon-Oil will again be the exclusive lubricant partner for Erik van Loon in 2021. The first upcoming rally for Erik and his team is the Hail Baja’s from 10-12 and 14-16 of December. Afterwards they will make the trip to Jeddah to participate in the Dakar Rally 2021. In the Toyota Hilux with starting number 313 the team will take part in the 43rd edition of this gigantic motorsport event with the technical support of Kroon-Oil.

Leon ten Hove, marketing manager Kroon-Oil

‘Erik is a well-known figure in among others the Dakar Rally and Erik also has become a familiar face within Kroon-Oil. We greatly appreciate the professionalism of the team. As a non-factory driver, Erik usually knows how to make maximum use of his experience, car and materials. We are very proud that Erik relies on Kroon-Oil lubricants for so many years now. He will not be satisfied with a result that is below his ability, and that is why it is extremely enjoyable to follow Erik during his stages'.


Erik van Loon is ready for the challenge in Dakar 2021 and together with his navigator Sébastien Delaunay they will show what they have in store during all the 12 amazing stages of the rally!

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Technical support at the highest level of motorsport

Being active at the highest level of motorsport requires the utmost in technique and lubrication. Kroon-Oil employs its years of experience to assist the team in the field of lubricants and maintenance products.


For more than 100 years we have focused exclusively on developing and producing high-quality lubricants for road traffic, agriculture, industry, two-wheelers and shipping. At Kroon-Oil, an extensive, up-to-date and high-quality product range is of paramount importance. In our dynamic industry, continuous technological developments demand adaptability in the field of lubricants. In this industry, the critical keywords are - Improvement, Progress and Technical Knowledge.