Kroon-Oil introduces Emtor BF-5200


Recent amendments to the CLP regulation have led to stricter requirements for cutting fluids containing boric acid. These amendments require a reclassification of these products and the use of the GHS08 hazard symbol. As a result, stricter safety measures must be applied when using them, meaning these products can only be sold to professional users. As a result, smaller consumer packaging will no longer be available.

At Kroon-Oil, we strive to offer high-quality and safe products to our valued customers. In response to this new regulation, we have reviewed and reformulated our portfolio where necessary.

As part of these adjustments, we have withdrawn our trusted product, Emtor UN-5200, from the market. Instead, we are introducing a new and modern successor, Emtor BF-5200.

We are confident that these changes will enable us to serve our customers better while ensuring compliance with the latest regulations and striving for innovation and improvement.

Emtor BF-5200

Emtor BF-5200 is a high-quality water-miscible, boron-free, amine-containing EP metalworking fluid suitable for turning, drilling, and milling materials such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Mixing ratio (refractometer factor 1.5):
Steel, cast iron, and high-strength steel: 8%
Aluminium alloys: 8%

The discontinued Emtor UN-5200 and the new successor Emtor BF-5200 are fully compatible, allowing an existing coolant bath to be topped up with Emtor BF-5200 from a technical perspective. However, considering health aspects and the new CLP insights, a complete replacement of the coolant bath is recommended.

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