Kroon-Oil's 'Winter Care' Tips


If you're fortunate to live in a year-long warm climate, this message isn't meant for you. For those who have to get through the winter weather, the cold and the early darkness, don't worry: we've got you covered. We are sharing our Winter Care Tips. Want to make sure to drive safely in this winter weather? Then read our tips below and prepare yourself well for the winter.

Tip 1: Windscreen washer fluid

Is it freezing outside, and you still have to drive? With the Screen Wash -20 ºC from Kroon-Oil, you don't have to worry. It quickly and easily cleans street-grime and salt deposits. By supplementing the screen wash with special additives, it offers protection against refreezing down to -20 °C. This powerful ethanol based windscreen washer fluid also prevents the washer jets from freezing over. 

Find your local Kroon-Oil dealer and make sure that your washer jets stay in superb condition. 

Tip 2: Coolants

Make sure that your car has enough coolant in its reservoir to cool the engine. You can read this on the reservoir itself if this is the case. It is from the utmost importance that coolants contain sufficient antifreeze during the winter to prevent the coolant from freezing and thus is protected from frost.

At Kroon-Oil we have a wide range of first-rate coolants. Consult our product recommendation tool to see which coolant is suitable for your car.

Did you find the right coolant for your car? Our coolants are available at official Kroon-Oil dealers, which you’ll find here.  

Tip 3: Keep your vehicle intact during winter weather

3.1 Please take the proper steps to prepare your car for winter. It's crucial. For example, have your battery checked. It's known that a battery operates less in colder weather (especially when it standing still for a longer period of time). Of course, you can also have the battery tested for producing sufficient starting voltage. 

3.2 Make sure you have proper snow tires. Tires are the determining factor between the road and the car itself. With snow tires, you have more grip in the snow and ice, and they provide more traction when you're trying to stop or turn on cold pavement. But always keep in mind to adjust your driving style, as snow tires aren't an instant fix. There is still a chance of slipping and sliding, but snow tires do provide more grip. After all, you can't take those turns as fast as you are used to.

Finally: pay attention to the profile depth! If the profile is less than 4 mm, then it is time for a quick pit stop to fit new tires ;).

3.3 Also, pay attention to the door seals because they can freeze as well. You can prevent this by spraying with silicone spray. Is the door still frozen shut? Then push carefully before you open the door in order to prevent the door seals from tearing.

3.4 Do not use the parking brake in the cold. Rather put your car in 1st or reverse gear. By doing this, you prevent the handbrake cable from freezing during frosty times.
3.5 Turn on the air conditioning or use climate control. It may sound crazy, but we definitely recommend it. The dry warm air for the AC is an effective way of getting your visibility back. At the same time, the AC helps to expel moisture from the car.

3.6 Rather doing it at all by the book? Of course, the best way is to let a professional inspect your car. Professionals will have a look at all possible defects and make sure your vehicle is in great shape during winter times.

Is your car in great shape after reading these tips? Then we would like to wish you safe travels!

Tip 4: Coolant Non-Toxic

It is often forgotten, but drinking water and heating systems of, among other things, pleasure boats and holiday apartments also need frost protection during the winter. You have come to the right place at Kroon-Oil for this as well. Our Coolant Non-Toxic -45°C is a special, ready-to-use liquid coolant that contains mono-propylene glycol. It is non-toxic and can be safely used for winter frost protection. It can also be used to provide environmentally-friendly frost protection for water-cooled cooling systems in ships' engines.

The application of our Coolant Non-Toxic -45°C can be found here.

Find your local Kroon-Oil dealer and ensure your drinking water- and heating systems are winterproof.

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