Kevin van Deijne wants to win the Open Dutch Rally Championship with Kroon-Oil as exclusive lubricant partner.


Kroon-Oil and Kevin van Deijne have recently extended their collaboration. Kroon-Oil, Kevin's technical and loyal partner for many years, will once again be the exclusive lubricant partner during the Open Dutch Rally Championship of the team from Brabant. 

Together with Hein Verschuuren, Kevin will drive a brand-new Hyundai i20 N Rally2. After a successful 2021, where Hein became the number one navigator, and van Deijne finished second in the drivers' championship, the bar for 2022 is set higher. Logically for this year, the title is the only goal that Kevin has.

The Hyundai i20 N Rally 2 has a 1.6-liter turbo engine with a 32mm restrictor and weighs only 1230 kilos. New components in the suspension and dampers give the car, which was co-developed by former world champion Ott Tänak, excellent handling on all surfaces, which is crucial regarding the many mixed special stages in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, the car was somewhat delayed, but because there is a scrap result in the Open Dutch Rally Championship, where the 7 best results from 8 races count, Van Deijne can still compete for the title. The hunt for the title begins for Kevin and Hein during the ELE Rally, which is also a home race for them.

Kevin van Deijne:

“We haven't been able to drive the car yet, but I think this is the best car at the moment. All updates are on it, so we have the very latest specs. Especially the suspension seems to be very good. Last year we were in good shape, and with the new car we have a strong weapon with which we can go for the title this year!”

Rinaldo Stopel (Kroon-Oil).

“We have been working with Kevin for years and are happy to continue this. The down-to-earth and accessible attitude, as well as the professional approach of the team, makes them a good fit for us. In addition to brand awareness, it is also a look at reality for us. How do our products perform and hold up under extreme conditions? In this area rally sport provides a lot of data that we can take to our lab for further research so that we can apply that knowledge in improving our products for road users".

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