Kroon-Oil and Van Loon Racing will continue to be partners in 2023!


Kroon-Oil and Van Loon Racing will continue to be partners in 2023! Erik van Loon's team will again rely on Kroon-Oil as a technical partner. Due to a strong partnership with whom both parties are delighted, an extension was evident, and hopefully, it will result in a beautiful and successful year for both. A year in which Anja, Erik's wife, will also be present again after she already rode for Van Loon Racing in 2022! The couple will participate in the Dakar Rally 2023 at the end of this month. 

Erik van Loon

"Quality and reliability are vital to us, and Kroon-Oil has amply proven itself in this area over time".

Anja will debut in the world's toughest rally with her new navigator, Dmytro Tsyro. They will drive the Can-Am buggy this Dakar edition.

Erik continues: "I feel entirely ready for Dakar! After a few more weeks of hard training, I will finally start the year's biggest adventure". Erik will drive his Toyota Hilux T1+ again, where Sébastien Delauney will be his trusted navigator again. "It promises to be a challenging rally this year with lots of sand and dunes. However, I'm looking forward to it, and I'm also curious about Anja's progression. For the start of the rally, it is essential to fine-tune the cars and get physically and mentally in shape."

Dakar Rally 2023

The most challenging rally in the world got even more brutal. Again it will take place in Saudi Arabia and starts on the 31st of December with a prologue. Dakar's 45th edition promises to be very demanding. The organisation has listened to the wishes of teams and riders: more difficult, longer stages and, of course, more dunes! Then, the Dakar Rally would only be complete with a dreaded Empty Quarter. Dakar's 2023 edition covers 8547 kilometres, packing almost 5,000 kilometres of specials into a prologue and 14 stages. The route is a true test of extreme endurance.

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Being active at the highest level of motorsport requires the utmost in technique and lubrication. Kroon-Oil employs its years of experience to assist the team in the field of lubricants and maintenance products.


For more than 100 years we have focused exclusively on developing and producing high-quality lubricants for road traffic, agriculture, industry, two-wheelers and shipping. At Kroon-Oil, an extensive, up-to-date and high-quality product range is of paramount importance. In our dynamic industry, continuous technological developments demand adaptability in the field of lubricants. In this industry, the critical keywords are - Improvement, Progress and Technical Knowledge.