New fuel-saving motor oils with LongLife specification


In order to safely lubricate the latest model of the VAG Group and BMW Group, Kroon-Oil introduces two new motor oils; Helar FE LL-04 0W-20 and Presteza LL-12 FE 0W-30.

Due to increasingly stringent regulations regarding the restrictions on harmful Co2 emissions and exhaust emissions, car manufacturers are encouraged to develop engines which meet the latest legal EURO6 requirements.

In this new generation of fuel-efficient engines, all fuel-saving techniques are being used to minimize fuel consumption. Also motor oils should make an essential contribution to the realization of low consumption. Car manufacturers prescribe modern, low-viscous lubricants with fuel saving properties for their latest generation of fuel-efficient models. After all, a thin lubricant ensures significantly less friction of moving engine parts and thus saves fuel.

Entirely appropriate in this trend, both the VAG group as well as BMW Group introduce new OEM motor oil specifications. At Kroon-Oil this results in two new, high-grade products for use in the latest generation of engines from the respective car brands.