New product | SP Matic 2034


The SP Matic product range has recently been expanded with the SP Matic 2034, especially for the latest generation ZF 8HP transmissions. After the launch of the new SP Matic 2094 this is another important addition the broad ATF range of Kroon-Oil.

SP Matic 2034 has outstanding fuel saving properties and a very high resistance against oxidation. Besides this, it is fully compatible with seal agents used by ZF, has outstanding lubrication properties and protects against  corrosion and foam formation. The product can be used in these 8HP-Series ZF transmissions: 8HP45, 8HP55, 8HP70 and 8HP90. It can also be used in certain ZF 6HP transmissions found in various VAG models.

More information about the unique properties of SP Matic 2034

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