New specification Elvado LSP 5W-30!


Elvado LSP 5W-30 can claim a new specification! This engine oil is particularly suitable for use in Mazda Jaguar/Landrover engines which require an ACEA C1 specification. Besides the ACEA C1 specification, Elvado LSP 5W-30 now also complies with ACEA C2! Therefore the product has an even wider range of applications.


With the new C2 specification, Elvado LSP 5W-30 is in accordance with the latest stringent Low Saps emission demands. In Low Saps oils, sulfur, phosphorous and metal containing additives have been replaced by new technology additives. By this, Elvado has no negative effects on the life of the after treatment devices in modern, environmentally friendly engines.
Suitable for all vehicles which require an ACEA C1 of ACEA C2 specification.