Upgraded formula Helar 0W-40!


The formula of Helar 0W-40 has been upgraded! Due to the adjusted formulation, this premium, fully synthetic motor oil now meets the API SN specification. Furthermore, the improved product also complies with the MB 229.5 specification. Therefore Helar OW-40 is also applicable in high performance Mercedes-Benz AMG engines

Suitable for wintry circumstances

Because of its low viscosity, Helar 0W-40 is highly suitable for a smooth and fast cold start, in particular under cold, wintry circumstances. Because engine wear is effectively prevented by the Helar 0W-40, the moving parts have a longer service life.

Certain and reliable

Helar 0W-40 copes exceptionally well with the long oil change intervals of today and therefore provides certainty. Next to this, the product has a high level of technical reliability due to the powerful lubricating film even under the most extreme operating conditions. Helar 0W-40 is compatible with catalytic converters, has very good cleaning abilities and helps keep exhaust gas emissions low.