4 x 5 L can 02309

Carsinus 220 is a premium, circulating oil based on specially selected solvent-refined base oils with a naturally high viscosity index. It is supplemented with additives to achieve the following properties:

  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Excellent demulsifier
  • Excellent air-release and resistance to foaming
  • Does not affect synthetic seals
  • A low pour point


Carsinus 220 is suitable for lubricating machines that are lubricated using circulation lubrication. Turbines are an exception, however. Carsinus is also suitable for the lubrication of gear transmissions and bearings subjected to a light load.

Product specifications

AFNOR NF E 48-603 HM
ASTM D 6158 HM
DIN 51524-2 HLP
ISO 11158 HM

Typical standard analyses

Density at 15 °C, kg/l 0,897
Viscosity 40 °C, mm²/s 220,00
Viscosity 100 °C, mm²/s 18,80
Viscosity Index 95
Flash Point COC, °C 246
Pour Point, °C -18
Acid number, mgKOH/g 0,40
Sulphate Ash, % 0,06