Lubricating, heat-dissipating, cleaning, sealing, soundproofing, protecting from corrosion, fuel-saving, controlling components. You may not have known this, but lubricant oil carries out all of these tasks.

Using the right product is therefore essential when it comes to driving from A to B, but also for the preservation of your vehicle. Our road traffic segment is highly diverse and includes products for every application. For vehicles that are 50 years old or brand-new, heavy goods vehicles or private cars. With Kroon-Oil your journey will be well-oiled.



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With Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE you flush, clean and fully supply automatic transmissions and power steering systems with fresh fluid in an advanced and innovative way. Flushing and cleaning the automatic transmission and power steering systems is now even easier with PowerFlush® TPE. You control the entire process by turning just 1 lever.

PowerFlush® TPE has the following unique features:
⇒ Even easier to use due to single-switch system
⇒ Contaminated oil won't go through the pump
⇒ Temperature display
⇒ Integrated flow indicator with warning buzzer

Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE is a valuable addition to Kroon-Oil's extensive range of services.

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PowerFlush® TPE - ATF Flush

No less than 90% of the automatic gear changing problems are being caused by pollution. Poor gear changing, banging, slipping clutches, fluctuating rpm, increased fuel consumption, malfunctioning of kick-down and refusal of the automatic gearbox; very common complaints of automatic transmissions. The cause? Contaminated and age automatic transmission fluid. The solution? Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE!

Kroon-Oil PowerFlush® TPE has proven itself in practice; shifting complaints, caused by contaminated ATF, can be quickly remedied with this advanced machine. In most cases, after a treatment, the transmission shifts like new again!

Effective cleaning of the entire oil circuit results in better lubrication and less wear over time. By eliminating excessive slipping, shifting behavior is improved, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

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PowerFlush® TPE extended with Engine Flush

Our successful PowerFlush® TPE is now extended with Engine Flush! 
The machine is now also suitable for flushing engines. We supply the only machine that can now effectively flush and clean three components: automatic transmissions, steering racks and engines. Kroon-Oil has put together briefcases with adapters for each OEM  to connect the machine to the oil filter of the car.

Kroon-Oil is the first on the market to introduce an all-in-one machine with which, in addition to cleaning and flushing automatic transmissions and steering racks, you can now also thoroughly clean, flush and refill petrol and diesel engines.


⇒ Solving compression loss and high engine oil consumption
⇒ The engine runs more smoothly, more efficient and fuel consumption decreases. 

Preventive cleaning and rinsing using PowerFlush® TPE prevents many problems and disappointments, but also minimizes expensive repairs and warranty claims.

Customers will remain content and for a garage owner this new service can generate more turnover and profit in the workshop: win-win!

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