Lubricating, heat-dissipating, cleaning, sealing, soundproofing, protecting from corrosion, fuel-saving, controlling components. You may not have known this, but lubricant oil carries out all of these tasks.

Using the right product is therefore essential when it comes to driving from A to B, but also for the preservation of your vehicle. Our road traffic segment is highly diverse and includes products for every application. For vehicles that are 50 years old or brand-new, heavy goods vehicles or private cars. With Kroon-Oil your journey will be well-oiled.



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Who better to take care of your childhood dream?

Classic cars and modern lubricants are a poor combination. Because of this, Kroon-Oil has developed the Classic Oils. A complete product line for classic cars. Classic Oils products meet original specifications and guarantee safe and optimum lubrication. The range includes all the necessary products, meeting the specific requirements of almost every year of manufacture of classic cars. And the authentic Classic Oils tins are a real collector's item!