4 x 5 L can

Part.nr.: 34322

Emtor is an emulsifiable metal processing oil, based on a mineral oil supplemented with premium emulsifiers and a range of additives. If the product is added to water, the following properties are achieved:

  • A stable, milky emulsion
  • Effective protection against corrosion
  • Limited tendency to form foam


Emtor directions:

10% Emtor: Add 1 part Emtor to 9 parts water, stir thoroughly. Provides an effective cutting fluid for drilling, turning and sawing normal commercial steels.
Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to add extra bactericide to the system after some time. Contact Technical Services if necessary.
Please note! Store the product in an environment that is free of frost and use within one year as its stability will deteriorate thereafter.

Product specifications

Herbert Corrosiontest IP 125 (10%): 0/0-0