4 x 5 L can

Part.nr.: 04320

Welding Fluid is a special coolant for welding equipment equipped with liquid cooling. The product is based on 1.2 ethanediol and specially softened water. It is supplemented with carefully balanced additives to achieve the following unique properties:

  • Does not affect seals and hoses
  • Provides the metal parts on the welding equipment with outstanding protection against corrosion
  • Very high resistance to foaming
  • Thanks to the high viscosity, the head of the welding gun is kept sufficiently cool
  • Good lubricating properties in order to lubricate the pump
  • Outstanding heat transfer properties
  • Fluid is free of lumps and/or crystallisation


Welding Fluid is a special coolant for use in welding equipment with a cooling system. Welding Fluid should be used undiluted, and will then provide frost protection down to -26 °C.

Typical standard analyses

Density at 15 °C, kg/l 1,068
pH - value 8,6
Reserve alkalinity, pH 8,0
Crystallizationpoint, °C -26