12 x 250 ml bottle 37274

"AdBlue Optimizer is a special additive for AdBlue. It prevents crystal formation and deposits in AdBlue injection systems and SCR catalysts. It is especially recommended for vehicles that experience inefficient use, making it difficult for the engine and AdBlue system to reach operating temperature. For example, engines that are frequently idling, machines that run mainly at low load and/or in many start/stop situations. Under such unfavourable conditions, AdBlue can crystallise, resulting in deposits and blockages of critical components of the AdBlue system.


  • Prevents crystallisation and clogging of the AdBlue injection system and SCR catalyst
  • Prevents engine breakdowns
  • Extends system life and prevents costly repairs."


"AdBlue Optimizer is suitable for all diesel engines with an AdBlue system. Press the desired amount into the dispensing chamber of the bottle and pour this measured amount into the vehicle's empty AdBlue reservoir before filling it up with new AdBlue. Use this product at every AdBlue refill.

Use one 250 ml container for every 100 L of AdBlue or 25 ml for every 10 L of AdBlue. Be careful not to overdose!"

Typical standard analyses

pH - value 9,0