12 x 250 ml tin

Part.nr.: 36105

Diesel Treatment is a cleansing diesel additive that lubricates and cleans the entire fuel system, from the tank to the injectors. The professional formula provides the following benefits and properties:

  • Cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system
  • Reduces blow-by and motor oil contamination
  • Reduced contamination of the EGR system
  • Treats moisture in the fuel (biodiesel)
  • Reduces particulate emissions and contamination of the intake manifold
  • Minimises sticking of the adjusting mechanism of variable turbos due to soot
  • Optimises fuel consumption and leads to cleaner exhaust gases
  • Improves combustion and engine performance
  • Lowers the solidification temperature of the fuel (flocculation in the winter)


Diesel Treatment is compatible with all diesel fuels. The product complies with the EN590 standard. It is recommended to use this product during each service or at least 1x per year to ensure optimum performance of the engine.

Instructions for use:
Add a dose of 250 ml to the fuel. One dose is sufficient for a tank volume of 100 litres.