12 x 250 ml tin

Part.nr.: 36107

Radiator Cleaner is a professional cleaner for the effective removal of corrosion, sludge and limescale from the cooling system. The advanced formula provides the following benefits:

  • Removes limescale deposits and corrosion from the cooling system
  • Restores the heat transfer capacity of the cooling system
  • A clean cooling system leads to a lower thermal load for the motor oil
  • Restores the prescribed operating temperature, leading to optimum performance of the engine
  • Reduces the risk of heater radiators becoming blocked and issues related to overheating
  • Prevents adverse effects of mixing unknown types of coolants


Instructions for use:
With a cold engine, add one bottle of Radiator Cleaner to the cooling system (max. 8 litres of coolant). Then heat the cooling system to its operating temperature and leave the engine running for 30 minutes at an increased revs. ATTENTION! Please do not exceed 30 minutes. Drain the system immediately afterwards. Flush the system well with water, then fill it up with the correct coolant. As a final step, thoroughly vent the system.