12 x 250 ml tin

Part.nr.: 36111

Oil Stabilizer is an advanced motor oil additive with a VI improver. It ensures that the service life of engines is increased far beyond the time when major repairs or overhauls would normally be required. The special composition of Oil Stabilizer gives the product the following properties:

  • Reduces oil consumption in engines that are showing signs of wear
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Extends the service life of the engine
  • Neutralises acidic crankcase fumes
  • Increases the oil pressure for improved protection of moving parts
  • Increases final compression pressures
  • Reduces ticking of tappets at high oil temperatures
  • Reduces exhaust smoke by improving the seal of the piston rings
  • Contains a VI improver


Instructions for use:
Oil Stabilizer is compatible with all types of motor oil and suitable for application in all engines that are showing initial signs of wear. Add a dose of 250 ml per 4 litres of new motor oil.