12 x 250 ml tin

Part.nr.: 36170

Oil Flush is a cleaning oil additive for the internal cleaning of contaminated combustion engines. Oil Flush removes varnish deposits, Black and White Sludge, carbon deposits and thickened oil from the engine crankcase.

Through active cleaning of, among other things, cylinder walls, hydraulic tappets, camshaft and lift adjusters and piston ring grooves, typical contamination problems are successfully solved. Regular cleaning with Oil Flush provides the following benefits:

• Reduces knocking of hydraulic tappets
• Removes sludge and deposits
• Stabilises the compression final pressure and airflow in the cylinders
• Cleaner crankcase ventilation system
• Optimises fuel consumption and engine power
• Reduces oil consumption


Instructions for use:
Oil Flush is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. Add one 250 ml can of Oil Flush per 4 litres of crankcase content to the old engine oil. Allow the engine to run for 60 minutes at 1,500 RPM. Occasionally, speed up the engine to 3,500 RPM. Drain the old engine oil, change the engine oil and replace the oil filter.