12 x 1 L bottle 32983

Antifreeze SP 16 is a Long Life Antifreeze made using a patented, silicate-free technology based upon polycarboxylic acids. With this technology, Antifreeze SP 16 provides much longer-lasting protection against corrosion than standard antifreeze, ensuring a longer service life of vulnerable parts such as radiators, water pumps and the thermostat.

Powerful corrosion inhibitors prevent sludge and deposits forming in the radiator, ensuring optimal cooling, even in the long term. Antifreeze SP 16 provides maximum protection for all metal and plastic engine parts and prevents cavitation.


Antifreeze SP 16 is a fluorescent yellow, Long Life Antifreeze for use in coolant systems of passenger cars, delivery vans and freight trucks of the Renault, Nissan and Dacia brands. By using powerful corrosion inhibitors, Antifreeze SP 16 is practically unaffected by ageing, giving it a much longer service life than conventional Antifreeze. Optimal results can only be achieved with a 100% filling. Dilute with demineralised water before use.

Product specifications

Renault SA: Renault, Nissan (41-01-001/-S Type D)

Typical standard analyses

Density at 15 °C, kg/l 1,119
Flash Point PM, °C 122
Refraction Index 20°C 1,432
pH - value 8,3
Reserve alkalinity, pH 7,6
Watercontents, % 4,30
Crystallizationpoint: 33 vol%, °C -24
Crystallizationpoint: 50 vol%, °C -36
Crystallizationpoint, °C -18