12 x 1 L bottle 33060

Shampoo Wax is a mild, synthetic car shampoo, with active wax additives. By adding one cap of Shampoo Wax to a bucket of warm water, the paint on your car is cleaned thoroughly in one wash and left with a durable wax layer.


Shampoo Wax can be used for all car paints. After washing with Shampoo Wax, dry the paintwork thoroughly and rub with a dry, soft cloth to a high sheen.

Add 1 cap of Shampoo Wax to 1 bucket of warm water. Shampoo Wax is biodegradable and must be stored in a frost-free environment.

Typical standard analyses

Density at 15 °C, kg/l 1,020
Meltingpoint, °C 0
Boiling Point (reflux) , °C 100
pH - value 7,0