12 x 400 ml aerosol

Part.nr.: 39601

Underbody Coating is a bitumen-based coating with excellent corrosion-inhibiting properties. Thanks to an optimal balance of bitumen, fillers, corrosion-inhibitors and adhesives, this product has effective noise-suppressing properties, good coverage and outstanding adhesion to modern-day underbodies. Underbody Coating is hardly affected by temperature and can be applied vertically and horizontally completely drip and mist-free across a wide range of temperatures.

Once applied, an elastic, non-adhesive and highly wear-resistant black film is created that contains effective water and salt-inhibitors, has a noise-suppressing effect and is resistant to stone chips, mechanical loads, street chemicals and industrial gases.


Underbody Coating has been specially developed for the durable anti-rust protection of the floorpan and wheel arches of car bodywork.

Typical standard analyses

Colour ZWART
Flash Point PM, °C -7