12 x 1 L bottle 36963

Coolant SP 18 is a new-generation, ready-to-use premium long-life coolant with frost-protection down to -37°C. Special advanced and patented PSi- OAT LOBRID additive technology, based on organic inhibitors, phosphates and silicates, provides exceptional and long-lasting corrosion protection and long-term stability. Coolant SP 18 very quickly offers complete and long-term corrosion protection for newly installed corrosion-sensitive aluminium components. This product also offers excellent protection against overheating of modern downsized engines which often have increased thermal loading and also provides very good protection against cavitation. Coolant SP 18 is completely free of amines, nitrites and borates.


Coolant SP 18 is a green, ready-to-use long-life coolant specifically developed for modern alloy cooling systems of the new generation of downsized engines which often have higher thermal loading than conventional engines. The product is suitable for use in Volvo passenger cars where Volvo TR-31854114-002 quality is prescribed. Also suitable for use in modern heavy-duty diesel engines where one of the specifications below is prescribed.

Product specifications

ASTM D3306 / D4985 / D6210 / D7583
CUNA NC 956-16
Deutz DQC CC-14, Deutz-Fahr (>04/2017)
Huerlimann (>04/2017)
John Deere (>2011)
Lamborghini-Tractors (>04/2017)
MWM (TR 2091)
Perkins, PN-C40007:2000
Same (>04/2017)
Volvo Cars (TR-31854114-002)

Typical standard analyses

Boiling Point (reflux) , °C 105
pH - value 8,0
Watercontents, % 50,00
Crystallizationpoint, °C -37