12 x 1 L bottle 37338

Coolant SP 14+ is a high-quality, ready-to-use Long Life coolant (frost protection down to -37 °C), using a patented silicate-free P-OAT technology (Phosphated Organic Acid Technology). Application of this advanced technology gives this product the following benefits:

  • Long service life due to the use of advanced P-OAT corrosion inhibitors
  • Excellent cavitation protection
  • Excellent corrosion protection of all common metals in modern cooling systems, including aluminium and ferro-alloys
  • Unique inhibitor package also neutralises the negative effects of flux residue that arises in the production process of aluminium radiators
  • Superior cooling properties due to silicate-free formula.


Coolant SP 14+ is a modern green/blue, ready-to-use coolant for use in modern cooling systems of various Japanese and Korean models. This product is also suitable for various models of the Stellantis group and, among others, the Renault group (including Dacia, Nissan and Mitsubishi). Consult our product recommendation database at to see if Coolant SP 14+ is also suitable for your vehicle.

Product specifications

ASTM D3306 / D6210
JIS K 2234
Fiat 9.55523
Ford WSS-M97B57-A2
MB 326.7
PSA B71 1111
Renault 41-01-001 -V / RNES-B-00014 v2.1

Typical standard analyses

Density at 15 °C, kg/l 1,071
pH - value 7,9
Crystallizationpoint, °C -37