12 x 400 ml aerosol

Part.nr.: 40011

Tefspray PTFE is a universal lubricant with PTFE additives, developed in our own laboratory. Tefspray PTFE contains additives that dispel moisture and form a protective layer on all surfaces that have been treated. PTFE is a modern product which you will recognise from the non-stick layer in your pans. Tefspray PTFE reduces metal-to-metal contact, thereby considerably reducing friction. Tefspray PTFE has an effective penetrative ability and is able to reach all nooks and crannies.


Tefspray PTFE is suitable for lubricating tools, hinges, cables, bearings, gears, chains, etc. and produces a long lasting, well-adhering lubrication film. The protective film and the anti-corrosion additives mean that the materials are not affected by corrosion. It removes moisture and dirt from electrical contacts and connections and leaves behind a protective film that prevents renewed adhesion of dirt.