24 x 500 ml bottle 35443

Screen Wash Concentrated is a powerful, ethanol-based antifreeze additive to supplement the screenwash. The product cleans grime and insects from the windscreen. By supplementing the screenwash with special additives, the windscreen does not refreeze and the windscreen washer jets do not freeze over.


Screen Wash Concentrated can be added to the water in the windscreen washer tank. By adding in different proportions (see table), a high level of protection against freezing can be achieved. The product is less harmful to the environment than methanol or IPA-based windscreen washers, and is less harmful upon contact with the skin. Dilution advice: One part Screen Wash Concentrated - one part water offers protection down to:

Pure -50 °C
2 : 1 -30°C
1 : 1 -20°C
1 : 2 -10°C
1: 3 -8 °C
1: 5 Summer