12 x 300 ml pump spray

Part.nr.: 40015

Electric Spray is a silicone-free moisture dispersant, developed in Kroon-Oil's laboratory with special properties. Corrosion caused by moisture is the biggest threat to all metal parts and annually results in significant losses in the industrial sector, households and road traffic. Electric Spray contains additives that dispel moisture and form a protective layer that is 0.002 mm thick on all surfaces treated. This extremely fine layer provides effective protection even in the pores of the metal.


Electric Spray is a moisture dispersant, suitable for car ignition and may also be used as:

  • A penetrating oil (for loosening rusted components)
  • A metal protector (for preserving degreased parts)
  • A cleaning agent (for cleaning contact points)
  • A contact spray (for preserving contact points)
The special Electric Spray formula means it has a range of potential applications. It is supplied in special packaging with pump spray without propellant.