12 x 400 ml aerosol 38011

Racing Chainlube is an amber-coloured, synthetic lubricant that has been specially developed for lubricating chains on motorcycles and mopeds. Racing Chainlube contains a number of supplements, additives and solvents, in order to maintain flexibility under any conditions, special 'Extreme Pressure' additives and wear-reducing molybdenum-disulfide. This achieves the following properties:

  • Reduced friction between the moving metal parts
  • Excellent penetrative ability that even enables it to reach steel wire cable cores
  • Effective protection against corrosion
  • Excellent adhesion to metals
  • Remains flexible, even at low temperatures
  • The ability to resist high bearing pressure


Racing Chainlube is used for the lubrication of motorcycle chains and gears that are not lubricated using an oil bath or mechanical lubrication. It’s also ideal for applying to hinges, steel cables and mechanical pivots subjected to a light load.

Instructions for use:
Racing Chainlube is supplied in a spray can with a unique reversing valve that works in any position, even upside-down! Any grease residue must be removed before using Racing Chainlube.