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Part.nr.: 32520

This adapter is suitable for models from the BMW Group (BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce) equipped with a ZF 6HP 6-speed transmission, in which the original oil line connections have a conical/rounded mating surface and a line diameter of 14 mm. Since the connections of the oil lines of these ZF transmissions have been regularly modified over the years, it is not possible to indicate precisely for which model years this adapter is suitable. Multiple adapters are therefore possible for the same ZF transmissions. If possible, always assess beforehand the current situation of the car to be flushed.


QCS-50004: GEN I: Remove the bottom oil line on the left side of the transmission. Connect part 1 of the adapter to the removed oil line and connect part 2 of the adapter to the now free transmission connection. QCS-50004 GEN II: Remove the two oil lines on the left side of the transmission and connect the adapter to the now free transmission connections.