Kroon-Oil and Van Loon Racing have extended their partnership. Kroon-Oil will again be the exclusive lubricant partner of the Van Loon Racing team in 2022. The professional qualities of both partners will be combined immediately during the kick-off of the 2022 season with the start of the Dakar Rally. Things are looking good for Erik, as the new Toyota Hilux T1+ has already shown its potential in the Morocco and Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. This is also the Toyota that will be driven in the Dakar Rally 2022. The gained experience of Van Loon Racing and Kroon-Oil in rally raids mainly comes together in events such as Dakar, where knowledge, quality and reliability are essential.

Erik van Loon

"I'm very satisfied that our cooperation with Kroon-Oil will continue for another year, as we have been working together for a few years now. We put their lubricants to good use and the quality is first-class. Our contact with the company is great. It's a beautiful and innovative company, and I look forward to continuing this partnership for a longer period of time. Starting with the Dakar Rally, where we will face new challenges with our new Toyota Hilux T1+. Kroon-Oil's products will play an important part in this challenge." 

Dakar Rally 2022

On January 1, the 44th edition of the toughest rally in the world will start with a prologue and the starting podium. Erik van Loon and navigator Sébastien Delaunay are driving this edition of the Dakar Rally with number 217. The route in 2022 heads south, through the 'Empty Quarter', which is both sandy and mysterious. Surrounded by vast sand and chains of dunes, Erik and Sébastien will have to use their navigation skills to take advantage of the challenging landscape.

The brand new Toyota Hilux T1+ is completely built according to the new Dakar regulations and equipped with the latest update, while a 5 liter V8 ensures maximum power. “You can get through certain situations so much faster, but it does take some getting used to. Because the car complies with the new regulations, the top speed is 170 km's per hour, where they were still allowed 180 km's per hour under the old regulations," says Erik.

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Technical support at the highest level of motorsport

Being active at the highest level of motorsport requires the utmost in technique and lubrication. Kroon-Oil employs its years of experience to assist the team in the field of lubricants and maintenance products.


For more than 100 years we have focused exclusively on developing and producing high-quality lubricants for road traffic, agriculture, industry, two-wheelers and shipping. At Kroon-Oil, an extensive, up-to-date and high-quality product range is of paramount importance. In our dynamic industry, continuous technological developments demand adaptability in the field of lubricants. In this industry, the critical keywords are - Improvement, Progress and Technical Knowledge.