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Kroon-Oil is actively revising and taking its grease program to an even higher level. Earlier, we have already introduced the new Q5 MP Calcep Grease EP 2 and Q11 Xtreme Duty Grease EP 2 to you. With pride, we are now introducing the Q7 MP Calcep Grease WR 2, a high-quality successor to the ST Q7 Universal Grease.

Lithium vs. Calcium

The majority of all greases in the market are still based on lithium soap thickeners. These greases are versatile, have good general properties, and have always provided a good price/quality ratio. However, the global increase in vehicle electrification is leading to an exponential rise in the demand for lithium worldwide. This drives up lithium prices on the world market, potentially causing the significant advantage of a good price/quality ratio of lithium greases to disappear in the near future. Kroon-Oil is responding to this by introducing a new range of high-quality greases based on waterless calcium soap thickeners. After the recently introduced Q5 MP Calcep Grease EP 2, the Q7 MP Calcep Grease WR 2 is based entirely on a waterless calcium soap thickener.

The waterless calcium-based soap thickener performs better, enabling longer service intervals than the ST Q7 Universal Grease. Additionally, we have increased the base oil viscosity, making this new product even more suitable for application in heavily loaded bearings at medium to low speeds. This makes the amber-coloured Q7 MP Calcep Grease WR 2 the preferred choice for various applications in the agricultural sector, earthmoving, industry, and other applications where water and dirt are problematic. Examples include different roller and sliding bearings, chassis lubrication, pin/bushing hinge points, and wheel bearings.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Longer service intervals compared to ST Q7 Universal Grease
  • Higher load-bearing capacity, 3400 N compared to 2600 N (ST Q7 Universal Grease)
  • High mechanical stability
  • Very good resistance to shock loads
  • Increased base oil viscosity
  • Extremely high water resistance
  • Excellent low-temperature properties
  • Superior anti-corrosion and anti-wear performance
  • Good consistency due to hydrophobic properties (water is not absorbed into the soap structure). Consistency decreases in lithium greases
  • Good pumpability, even better than lithium-thickened greases
  • Strong adhesion to metal, even in humid environments
  • Excellent "Extreme Pressure" properties

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